Current Exhibit in The Gallery at LaBelle Winery – Amherst:

A Symphony of Light and Shadow – The Landscape Photography of Jeff Dachowski.

The Gallery at LaBelle Winery Amherst announces a solo photography show wtih Master Photographer Jeffrey Dachowski.

Click here to learn more about Jeffrey Dachowski’s show and here to read his bio.

For more information on this show, please contact Jeff Dachowski at

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Current Exhibit in The Gallery at LaBelle Winery – Portsmouth:

Art at LaBelle Winery Portsmouth – The Art of Mark Johnson

July 11, 2018


The Gallery at LaBelle Winery Portsmouth announces the opening of a new art exhibition, “Unsettled Weather” featuring recent works by Mark Johnson.  The recent group of paintings engages with the more ethereal side of seascape painting, focusing on unsettled weather as it moves in and out of the physical landscape.

Johnson at LaBelle 1Johnson at LaBelle 2Johnson at LaBelle 3Johnson at LaBelle 4Johnson at LaBelle 5

This solo show is on display through September at LaBelle Winery located at 104 Congress Street, Portsmouth, NH.

Mark Johnson – Artist Statement:

The experience of living for extended periods of time on Pumpkin Knob, a small island in Casco Bay Maine without electricity or running water, is at the core of my paintings. I am literally surrounded by weather, tides, moon cycles, cloud formations and the play of wind, all offering a world in constant motion and flux.

The physical landscape and the transient states of the sea and sky, provide endless opportunities to explore an ongoing interest in combining opposites – abstraction and representation, movement and stillness, near and far, the known and the unknown – while also underscoring my view of art as both a form of communication and a means for contemplation.

Contact Michelle Thornton at LaBelle Winery ( or Mark Johnson ( for additional information.

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